Mysterious melody
life, Love, poetry


I had a belief & acceptance

that dimpled cheeked

Cupid doesn’t knock on

every door.

The evil-eyed pretension came

decked in the glittering

robes whispering the thing

Poets call Love,

rekindling the spark of

dormant hope in me,

knowing that hope can be

a pretension too!


31 thoughts on “Pretension”

  1. Dimple cheeked Cupid and figures in glittering robes whispering love.

    Gotta love the imagery here. ❤

    English novelist Susan Howatch (who greatly influenced my writing- especially the way I use dialogue and the actions in between dialogue) once wrote a book called Glittering Images.

    And the evil eyed pretension in the glittering robes whispering false declarations of love reminds me of Saint Paul’s remark that the Devil himself can appear as an angel of light.

    1. Count I always take some time to comment on your posts and remarks because there is so much knowledge and literature out there, that I really have to think and ponder. I love imagery somehow my words end up creating vivid images….
      Wow Glittering images, never heard should check it out. You have rare style of writing which I admire, its one of a kind!
      You are spot on evil eyed pretension, in the glittering robes…. so much falsehood around! Wolf in sheep’s guise as we call. Although not a christian nor religious myself, I always admired Saint Paul, his life has been an example of rare compassion, wisdom and openness!
      Just know how much I appreciate your insight on my poem, always something to learn!

    1. Thanks for such kind praise dear, I guess writing hones our skill, is it the same with you? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. I am not for skills ya …. writing helps me pour my heart …..for me it’s cathartic 😊……but in your case I agree with the skills part

      2. I agree that writing is cathartic, but I disagree with the skill part, you are immensely talented 🙂

    1. I am glad you did, I was reading some of your poems the other day, you have a wonderful style too, very post-modernist in nature. Truly appreciate your kind words 🙂

    1. Hey, thank you very much, I am so glad you felt it so. I was reading some of your articles, they are very fresh and optimistic and yes you look ravishing in pictures 🙂 have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks a lot Marta, I am really glad you liked it and shared a great insight as always! Hope is great but can be deceiving isn’t?

      1. Yes. Most in life is about illusion-delusion, dream-reality. So glad you like Mario Savioni’s writing where he always deals with this and with unrequited love. He is a great friend of mine and you are both very talented writers.

      2. Very true, illusion and delusion, you framed it beautifully. I am thankful that you introduced me to Mario, his writing is non-conformist, I really enjoyed it!

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