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Mamma (Mother)

(This poem is a tribute to my mamma ( as I call her) for being an amazing mother, for raising two children single, working hard to put food in our hungry bellies, for loving us so much, for setting us free and fad away)


Carried in warm waters of her womb

for 280 days ,raising two children along

with abuses of father who existed in

his absence.


Ran from pillar to pillar, shore to shore

in scorching heats and icy colds to put

a loaf of bread on that severed table

brutal reminder of wedding that

once too  place. 


The sheer poise in her demeanor will 

guard her children from, the evil that

dwells in this world,that assuring smile

would blanket her little ones from the

coldness that only humans are capable of.


And when the time came she walked

two steps behind waning and waxing

like the aged moon,for sons who were

once lovers turned blind, feebly tamed 

by the shrewd ways.


What she achieved was extraordinary

no bills or coins of worth but the 

glorious grace to stand on her own, 

A lesson  learnt since she a woman 

came into the world.


It didn’t matter there was a beautiful

symmetry in her fragile body, the 

enthralling rhythm in her walk and

that charm, a rare one that some 

poets celebrate…


She was to be a vision which shines

without rays of cruel Sun, she was to

guard her place of work, learn to be

loved without a man on her side.


From the high cliff now that I see, this will be

be the world of some father and sons,

of few dimes and family names but I’ll

always be my mamma’s little girl!



52 thoughts on “Mamma (Mother)”

    1. Thanks Sakshi, I agree that nothing can be compared to mother’s love. Truly appreciate your kind words!

    1. Thanks alot my dear, hope you are doing fine, truly appreciate your kindness! hope you have been well!

  1. Ran from pillar to pillar, shore to shore

    in scorching heats and icy colds to put

    a loaf of bread on that severed table

    brutal reminder of wedding that

    once too  place. 

    Amazing….!!!!😍😍😍😍Such a Lovely Tribute

  2. Beautiful image and words to honor your mother. I thought if my mother as well. We will always have a debt of gratitude for their unselfish sacrifices. Blessings and hugs. 🙂

    1. Roni you framed it so well the debt of gratitude for their unselfish sacrifices… truly appreciate your kind remarks. Thanks you for reading ! 😊

    1. Thanks for your kind words, I totally appreciate your reading! Yes my mom is awesome just like your mom! 🙏

    1. Thanks a lot Roth for taking out your precious time to read my poem.I truly appreciate your kindness. Coming from you it means a lot as you are a very accomplished poet yourself!

  3. You could not have written a better tribute to your mom. It is beautifully poetic, heartfelt and deeply touching, Tanya. Love how you honor her for all she has done and suffered. A real survivor. How lucky your mom is, despite all adversities, to have such a talented poet daughter. As I was reading your lovely poem I thought of another poem written by a great friend of mine, Mario Savioni (also a most talented poet like you). I highly recommend you this poem of his where he also honors his mom, now deceased:

    “I still think of her, my run-way model mother,

    The red velvet carpet and seats.

    I am pretty sure she wore a long black cocktail dress.

    Her hair was up and she had long black gloves.

    My mother used to date a famous handsome Mayor

    Of San Francisco before she met my dad, the doctor.”

    She did her own thing. (from:

    1. Thanks a lot Martha for such wonderful words, you actually made my day. Mothers are awesome aren’t they and now that we are mothers ourselves we can realize how much sacrifices they must have done. Thanks for a being a wonderful reader and recommending such a brilliant poem by your friend, I’ll definitely read and share my insight. Thanks once again, have a great week ahead!

      1. You are very kindly welcome, Tanya. It means a lot to my friend Mario and to me that you check out his work. I really appreciate that. Besides I see a strong connection with the subject of mother in both pieces of yours. Without Mario and his encouragement I would not have started my blog and I would not have come across very talented poets like you. You too have a lovely week!

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