loveliest soul
Love, Nature, poetry, Spirtual

A Believer

Me a speck of dust

insignificant particle 

May be a believer or 

may be not….

Yet here I am…,

here I am with

topaz rays of the

glorious Sun on my 

malformed face.

Azure brook flowing

gently through my

blistered feet.

Fluttering of crushed

leaves, music to 

mine ears.

Buzzing of bees, melody

of  fallen florets.

Beats of mine unborn in

the womb of violated


May be a believer

or may be not…

Yet here I am.







31 thoughts on “A Believer”

      1. Sure Bill, although I am very conscious of my English in America, but I’ll muster strength and post something. I’ll have to learn from you about posting spoken word on WordPress and recording !

      2. That would be wonderful!! I can help you. Windows 10 has a recorder app, then you can upload it to sound cloud. Easy.

        Just let me know when you are ready.

      3. Tanya…your speaking will add an entirely different texture for you followers to enjoy.

        I will help you.

    1. Hi Megha I must say you are an amazing reader, I’m humbled with your kind words! I need to check out your wonderful poems but still struggling with jetlag

    1. Thanks a lot dear friend , it means a lot coming from an accomplished poet like you, truly humbled!

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