Does it happen with you?

Hi all,

Today morning I got up with amazing feeling or rather intriguing. I felt really loving, so much so that I wished to say “ I love you” to every person out there 😬😬😬much to the annoyance of my partner 🤨. May be it was Sunday, or snow outside or the run 🏃‍♀️ I had in morning. I felt really happy getting up and full of love. But then I wondered why I wish to say I love you to everyone 🤔🤔, what kind of feeling is this?? Am I the only one who had such strange outpouring of love towards humanity out of the blue🧚‍♀️? I am no Mother Teresa types nor so compassionate, in fact according to my hubby I am mostly selfish 👁( I only care about my sleep naps and gluten free diets) Nonetheless it was a great feeling and I feel there is no harm in saying “ I love you” to people when we feel love ❤️. After a long time such wonderful feeling lasted 🤨

Does it happen with you?? Or I am the  only one having borderline symptoms 🤔🤔

27 thoughts on “Does it happen with you?”

    1. Well I try to be happy and stay motivated, life is a rocky road but we all try to embrace it as best as we can 🙂

    1. Hi Rita how are you, I was on holidays! Well good news is great as long as not another baby on the way😂😂

  1. Hey Tanya…I dont knwo how to say this but I woke up with the same feeling not too intense like yours but more happy than usual.Hmmm there is something in the eat coast air

    1. I know it feels good, but worried too that this feeling is not gonna last. You too my friend have a great week ahead 🙂

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