I’ve lived multiple lives,

surviving to live

as a man,


Million little moments

sabotaged to feel as

grandiose as

a man.


Countless nights sacrificing 

cotton fluff like yearnings to

please what became of 

that man. 


Marring those ardent desires

in whose rustic Earthen

wombs  human hope 

is conceived. 


Patiently waiting, ogling at you

to live as me a woman

only for a passing 







25 thoughts

  1. I’m beautiful, don’t make me hide
    I want you to just rete what I ride
    borrow your vision, meld with your mind
    don’t tell me anything. I’ll leave you behind.
    ~the face that launched a thousand slips

    • How very lovely , beautifully words. Truly appreciate your kind read and insight. I totally loved these lines ♥️♥️

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