Legend, Love, Nature, poetry


In the murkiest corner of my

house, behind vintage armarium

lingers shadowy smoke of a

lone candle lite once.


The flame long extinguished

leaving behind a sooty smog

that hovers an abandoned cloud


Reminiscence of days when

arrogant flicker competed

with the mighty rays of Sun.


Callously it turned its head

towards the scorching beam

In exhilaration of youth before

time melted away.


The satin wax of exotic bees

deliquesced and fell apart like

the fall of Icarus leaving a dark

cloud on the walls…






20 thoughts on “Deliquesced”

    1. Thanks a lot Count, I knew you will understand it fully based on you vast knowledge of Greek Mythology 🙂

      1. Yes I do, on my way actually
        to Munich, Germany !Please have some authentic 🥨 pretzel and beer 🍻

      2. Lol well it was snowing heavily in Munich the other day, New Delhi is warm and I am expecting Dubai to be warmer. I’m eating a lot silk look for some local gyms 😬

      3. Thanks Bill, sunshine is wonderful here. The world is a mystery at one place it’s frigid cold here it’s so so damn hot 🥵

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