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A Woman

Hour my body was crafted, it was-not a skilled

goldsmith or the master strokes of  Vinci’s or

Raphael’s nor was ever any

Michael Angelo .


But a humble iron-smith who did the menial

job,  took his rusted hammer and a dagger

carrying stains of dried blood  to chisel  

me-over the  blazing flames.


For I as woman were to be tried and tested , my

smiles were to be  scrutinized from every angle

 like dumb Mona-Lisa gilded in golden

frames of Parisian museums


My walks were to be controlled like those ugly

dolls with small feet, and pangs of thirsts  

denied  with lack of cascading wines.


Silent  saline tears shed on altars of the suffering 

suffering were to be shrouded with blackest

mascaras, and locked away in the folds

of satin pillowcases! 


A sense of doom of a cruel persecution always

hovered, dreams were kept in check,secret

lovers were sailed away so far on those 

dilapidated boats..


Prim and proper, a society lady I glided  on the  

white marble halls of my castle of gloom , swiftly

learnt to smile with cockiness at trivialities

while serving teas with burnt hands ..


From the golden window I envied the lives of few

lucky concubines , goddesses  of their carnal 

brothels, they kept their freedom by bartering 

their rounded Alps and whiffs Of fertile

Amazonian gorges.


Envious I wandered why my freedom was sold for

few dinners and fake smiles,while  scars on their 

manhandled bodies seemed to glow my  mutilated

heart was to be a forever mystery, hiddden safely

behind a giant sapphire.


While those  unknown harlots  burnt out by making

out with thousand lovers  , I a godly woman simply

faded  polishing a giant sapphire,

day in and out…








34 thoughts on “A Woman”

    1. Thanks for reading dear. Yes some women have very hard lives, in a way we all live certain phases where we feel desolate more so if happen to be woman. Sometimes I feel men get away with too much, although I’m not a radical feminist!

      1. Feminism is a word that has been perverted. What it really means is the right to have equal opportunities, rights and duties for all genders (women, men and trans). Your poem brilliantly expresses this lack of equality, where the issue of social class plus being a woman leads to a human being treated as an inferior. A clear example of this are the following lines:

        “learnt to smile with cockiness at trivialities

        while serving teas with burnt hands ..”

        I also like how your poem develops further into the envy this woman feels for other women, “the concubines, goddesses” that are also subordinated to men though in a different way and through sex. At least, that is how I have interpreted the poem. “The godly woman” with a “mutilated heart polishing a giant sapphire” is a very powerful image. I have truly enjoyed this poem, Tanya.

  1. You are spot on while I penned it I wanted to critique the virtuous middle-class sensibility esp regarding women! A society or a modern woman might be as subordinated as woman from economically impoverished backgrounds. I was also critical of the religious dogmas which look down on prostitution which many helpless women end up taking due to circumstances. Mostly I sensed such subtle inequalities in every culture.

    I agree with you when you say feminism a perverted term, I feel no other group has a done as much damage to the cause of women as feminists. They have trivialized everything due to mere men bashing!

  2. Tanya…so rich, deep, and important.

    You, my friend, have the means to craft and convey what is most important about us as humans.

    So love this work.

    1. Thanks a lot dearest Bill, I am glad my words resonated with you! Just my poetic way to take up some vices in our society! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ronin for your kind words! Sapphire indeed shines like a sun thanks to the fact that it’s very expensive 🙂

  3. The poem is true and haunting in so many ways. Love the way to pen down what most of us cannot even explain in a sentence. I love your writing, but this one is the best ( you have written so far.

  4. Thanks a lot for your kind words, truly appreciate it. This is one of my favourite too, I’m glad my words resonated! By the way, I can’t read your name here, may I know it!

  5. You are amazing writing about women (and yourself). And very knowledgeable, like you’ve read everything. I am humbled 🤗🤗

    1. Since I am a woman, it comes naturally besides,
      Little femininity can tame man’s ego,
      while stroking woman’s youth.
      I can write about men too someday, while I have my hormonal world, I love my men…

      1. Yeah, I’m good at writing about quietly despairing men…that”s my tribe…thank you ❤️❤️❤️

      2. You are very good at writing about self-conscious miserable men, I usually don’t upload comments coz I see your lot of male and female readers commenting…and I don’t wish to put too many comments!

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