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Every Sigh

In every sigh

on edge of those

porous breaths,

rests a subtle 

suffering, grief

of parting, a 

doomed  sense 

of loss of million

tiny breaths 

conceived in

hollow airs

but warmed 

in ashes of 

mine coral

embers fueled

of inflammable 

maroonish liquid

that runs its

course through

nitrogen cold 

Veins, while 

body fades out

once, those 

delicate breaths 

burn out every






42 thoughts on “Every Sigh”

    1. Thanks Dracula, this thought just came to my mind and penned in 5 minutes, I’m glad you liked it. Humbled 🙂

      1. Well that’s a big compliment and I must say I m flattered, screen writing ✍️ hmm 🤔 interesting!

  1. Some sort of suffering never ends…and sometimes we want put a full stop to it..
    Tanya, how beautiful you have arranged the painful emotions in a flow..!!
    Wonderful!! 👌

    1. I just envisioned breaths parting me Megha, and a sense of doom took over a grief of parting hence this poem. I’m so glad you liked it. Truly appreciate it!

    1. This thought of losing breaths came to my mind and the association of gloom, hence went ahead and penned it!

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