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Dear Friends,

A happy  Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 to all of you!

Next week I’ll be flying to distant exotic lands in search of some warmth and sunlight, it’s getting cold here and my aging bones require vitamin-d. It will be long vocation for me, I’ll be traveling for two months😬😬( I know you must be wondering it’s too long)

And if my family gives me money or credit-cards few more months( which is highly unlikely) . I’ll be try to be regular on WordPress to read and share.

My destinations are far-flung lands exotic and vibrant in case any of you need any thing and I mean anything, please just don’t hestitate.

Don’t be apprehensive to inquire and ask. Everything is available on Amazon👍👍All you have to do is click  and order!! 👞👢👡👑👜whole world 🌎 is at your disposal!


28 thoughts on “Traveling”

    1. Thanks Bill, will leave on Tuesday. Tomorrow is Black Friday and looks like I’ll end up squandering all my travel money here in America only 😬😬

    1. Thanks Ardine, Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁🍽
      It’s very cold here in Ct too, can you believe yesterday it was -11 and we are still in middle of November. Anyhow thanks, I’ll keep you guys posted!

    1. Shantanu, I’ll be Franfurt for sometime, my brother lives in Germany,then head to Dubai and spend some time there and in New Delhi later! May be head to mountains and central parts there!

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