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Just focus on yourself

( David Neira, Chape Fitness)

(So said the great David… focus on yourself and eat natural and gluten-free but how???)

How about some veggies 🌽 for the morning, to kick start a day with health and anti-oxidants? Please don’t ask what I had for dinner🤓🤓. My new year is resolution to include more natural produce and cut out gluten breads and pasta.Yesterday I made a final vow with myself  over the fire 🔥 burner to abandon my savoury taste buds infavour of whatever grows out in nature, raw and wild!! But after my vow in morning at night when I saw yummy Frank Pepe pizza I completely forgot that  I’ve taken a secret oath to give vegetables and fruits a chance to grow inside me and ended up eating couple of big slices. I stopped after three slices  and realized that in the morning I made a resolution😐😐😐 to foresake processed infavour of natural.

Hence in order to compensate for the sins of last night, prepared this sautéed vegetables in  morning in hope of redemption. I’ve several notes around the house to remind me of my pledge( I keep forgetting 🤓)

May be mama mushroom will forgive me and by next year vines of tomatoes will grow out of me with ocassional chillies and squashes!

( Dedicated to sincere efforts of Chape Fitness,

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fantastic site by David Neira, a fitness expert, nutritionist and a valiant Spaniard. If you are looking for healthy living and fitness then it’s click away )


84 thoughts on “Veggies”

    1. I know we love food and drinks but have to abandon finer luxuries in order to restore health due to past crimes…

      1. It’s fine Bill, since you are my friend you can take my sauté vegetable and I’ll snatch your 🍔 burger, I can’t see you eating calories my friend! I’ll eat your burger and save you while you have my crispy veggies!! I can sacrifice veggies for burger’

      2. Actually, I was thinking about a medium rare beef fillet with sauce bernaise and a beautiful Bordeaux.

        I’m just sayin’


      3. You can imagine my friend, I’ll snatch your medium rare beef fillet, it’s loaded with calories, I’ll have it for you, please take my mushrooms and beans. I care for you my friend 🙂

      4. Well I have healthy spinach drink you can have that and your Bordeaux I can help. Bill I want you to be healthy, I don’t care about myself really 🙂

      5. No my friend today I am as resolute as the Grand Canyon, even if the tower of Pisa collapses or great Pharaohs come out alive of their pyramid graves, or even you find me holy grail from Abasynia , I’ll stand my ground!💪

      6. Thank you for me to be holding a classic glass of champagne or luxurious wine requires beautiful evening in which I am wearing little black dress of Dior which at present circumstance won’t be possible as I will not fit into even a 100 yard long curtain if I keep eating and drinking! 🧟‍♀️

      7. Imagine you go out with a woman with oak barrel of raw beer and towards the end after a drinks you actually see a bear 🐻 in woman sitting in front of you stuffed with ham burgers 🍔 and 🍟 fries! While I am on Caribbean cruise slim and trim having french wine in Dior and holding a Channel purse :).
        Our today will decide our future my friend!

      8. Ah yes…you make me smile Tanya!!

        Well, I’m sure you look stunningly beautiful now, and all the more so on your cruise.

        Have a wonderful evening!

        🙂 !

      9. Thanks Bill, resolution was taken in morning it’s evening how, enjoy and make merry. Glad made you smile, Happy Thanksgiving!

      10. So glad Tanya…the richness and wit of your words always brighten my day.

        I wish for you a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!!

    1. Same here, it’s all the more tough when you cook for entire family and you can’t have what you have cooked😐

      1. Sure I will, also you will find many food tips and exercises on the site chape fitness . But I’ll send you recipes, for sure!

      2. Sure I’ll send whatever I know and David has told me , which I cheat all the time !

    1. 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🍟🍕🍟🍕🍟🍗🍗🍗🍗🌯🌯🌯🥞🥞🥞🥞

    1. I know morning took a resolution by evening forgot, I just sautéed in nonstick pan some salt and blacpepper and they taste very good Megha, just keep them crisp 🙂

    1. Thanks Dorothy, no need to take any vow my friend, enjoy life! Thanks for handing out carrot to me , I forgot to add. 🙂

      1. I didn’t I can’t eat so many vegetable but orange carrots 🥕 would make the dish more appealing!

      2. Well surprisingly it tasted good too, there are many stir fry sauces available in the market, I am sure they can make it more tolerable to eat . Whatever calories these vegetables lack a good heavy sauce can make up for it! 😬

    1. I know count but as you know behind every revolutionary idea is a urgency.🧟‍♀️ I am sure you can have it too, although you are vampire and prefer only blood, but let’s try this out 🙂

    1. Healthy pizza 🍕 sounds good, I guess dominoes has gluten free pizza, can go for that! My instructor David suggested to go for lot of vegetables so I am trying that!

    1. Shantanu look at that woman above, she has muscles, six packs, glut muscles, biceps, chiseled jaws and what do I have just 3 packs of banana chips, I am just standing outside carters not even side. Why my friend why ??

      1. I know inner beauty matters, but at least there should be some space inside for beauty to live can’t just be suffocated inside tummy between fat tissues🤔

  1. Oh it was time when I used to have pizzas and pasta and other products we I shouldn’t have. Now I have left them for good. One year, only one pizza, one plate of pasta and 0 cold drinks. I am proud of myself.😉

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