Lone Vessel

Sailing smoothly on 
Cerulean velvety waters 
Crimson sun coming out
Of thick cloudy curtains 
Shining bright, blessing; 
The voyage embarked on
A pilgrimage to the east
Joyful dolphins calfs 
Trailing along, in hope
Of meeting gods of the east
Golden vessel gliding softly
Caressing tender ripples of
Meandering  voluptuous waves
Bowing down in front of 
the formidable force of nature 
Lone cruise resolute but gentle 
Floats in the lap of the azure crystalline sea 
Melodious ruffling lingers in the air  
A prophetic song of  courageous 
Sailors lost  on  the same course
A surreal dream of great doom
Hovers around the silver mast. 


21 thoughts

    • Absolutely it’ would be so enchanting and magical is it not? Although I am hydrophobic but in my fantasies I’ve swam many oceans and crossed many channels!😕

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