Love, Nature


Every dawn I travel back -forth from hell

blazing flames of pain resting in the darkest

gorges of  sufferings torments me as naked

infernos burn my parched skins


Revealing to me  translucent blisters hiding

beneath my skins but as the coolness of 

dusk swaddles me in its scarlet twilights


I swallow my miseries like  a bitter pill

imagining that  these woes will relieve my

pains , heal the erect blisters as venom

cures venom, suffering begets endurance.


57 thoughts on “Endurance”

    1. I feel sorry. May your dad Rest In Peace!
      Life my whether we like or not is all about suffering and enduring, that’s what I’ve learnt. I hope and pray things get better for you!

    1. Thanks Megha I am glad my words resonated but isn’t it true? My experience is life is all about pain and endurance esp so far away from home, parents trusting on someone and then you realize how much we have missed out on! And that significant has his! Her own mood swings it’s helpless feelings sometimes. Being alone I feel is easier than being in such predicament

      1. There is a reason writing is cathartic.I can totaly relate to how you feel, being away from the frinds and family and place we called home most of our lives is indeed uncomfortable if not painful.We try to fill that gap in our life depending on our better half and any absence of understanding seems more than what it is.

      2. Absolutely that’s why I write to fill up the voids but sometimes such dependability bruises your ego when you are made to realize without me you are helpless, I hate it and panic that all the other support of my life is so far away!

      3. Tanya, you are only helpless if you feel you are.Remember, you are only as strong or weak as you think you are.If it make you feel any better, you can chat offline with me anytime you want. Being in the same time zone is a big relief.

      4. You are absolutely right , it’s our self belief. I am feeling fine now did rigorous gyming and took walks. Yes will definely connect with you, you are right being in same time zone is really a relief!

    1. Thanks Bill, for your kind remarks! Truly humbled and it feels good to have a fan feel like a celebrity 🧚‍♀️( kidding) I equally admire your work!

      1. Thanks Bill you just made my evening, I was gloomy before and took a long walk in frigid snows of Connecticut. But your words are healing 🙂

  1. Such agony described….and the last stanza – WOW! Tanya, I am sad to know you are far from your family and support system. I don’t have a remedy, but I do understand how isolation can eat away at your soul – especially for a young mother – that part I remember well. {{{{{{Take care of yourself, dear one.}}}}}}} 🙏❤️

    1. That is fine dear, I chose this life long back , I studied in hostel, went to another country for college, was transferred to Middle East for job where I worked several years, married here in America. I now know how to live and be happy on my own 🙂 few days are low but that’s with everyone!

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