A Promised Land

A yearning pilgrim, I trudged

took heavy steps, to embark

 on sacred voyage to become

 a holy rover.


Crossed seven-seas beneath

herculean skies on thin

azure waters of desires

in the direction of one

promised land.


So ancient scriptures recounts 

on the holy land exist ruins of

a buoyant shrine carved out

of the postures of lovers

in acts of love.


A divine sanctuary on whose

pastel marble steps, tired

lovers embrace and quench

thirsts through locking

parched lips and sore



A celestial reserve,where tall

minarets resonates with

the hush whispers of

the craving kissing



A fertile land lushed by rains

of sweltering vapors raised

from the bodies of

longing lovers..


Tempted by such promised

land, I embarked on holy 

voyage to become a

holy rover.






42 thoughts

    • Thanks , I guess we all have our promised lands and shrines to kneel. But for poets like us there is a land where live abounds and shrine where lovers meet 🙂 that’s the holy journey we are on !!

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