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Shooting Star

The day  I pass on and become a shooting-

star, disintegrat into million 

dazzling particles


Think of me an anonymous vision 

who came and went on


A mundane dream who lived well and 

relished all the bounties 


An unveiled phantom who roamed the

narrow aching streets as the

northern lights,


A faint glimmer who flickered when 

the winds were harsh and the 

tempests raging


At twilight when withered wax had 

deliquesced, I a  common vision

simply melt down ..






32 thoughts on “Shooting Star”

      1. Ha ha drink well and eat very well, this is the task I ordain you today! I’ll ask what you eat and drank at twilight😊. This is ur mission eat well, drink well!

      1. Same here Sakshi, just celebrating! In childhood I would go to Deep market in Ashok Vihar for Diwali fair and have dosa from Sangam Restaurent there 🙂

      2. Arrey arrey. you reminded me of my childhood … between I still go to Deep market …. although no fair. We have to connect via email 😁😉

    1. Thanks a lot Warren for your kind wishes, I am truly touched! I am glad that you liked my words :)! Blessings

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