let us you and I
autumn, Love, Nature, poetry

Let us you and I

Let us you and I once again

meet beneath the vast skies

hold hands and take long walks


In shadows of blushing trees of fall

on embellished carpets of florescent leaves

pour out the maladies of the souls


Listen in serenity few beats of our hearts

narrate to each other the ancient tales

of shooting-stars and broken hearts


Solitary nights and the bleeding cores

while taking youthful sips ofΒ  scarlet

wines flowing from the goblets of deep-sighs


Your fingers engraved on my wrists

souls fusing with souls, hearts-

melting with hearts


Let us you and I once again

meet beneath the vast skies…




49 thoughts on “Let us you and I”

    1. Thanks Shantanu, sometimes all you want to do is take long walks with your beloved and share tales πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, great to sometimes walk and enjoying each other’s company like companions! Isn’t?

    1. Thanks Roshan, I am really glad you liked it. I am humbled! Also thanks for following my blog, see you around!

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