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Oh! baby misfortunes are not when

mammoth heavens fall, or mighty Earths

trembles  it’s when the foundation of faith

inside begins to quiver ….


Not  when you sob an independent 

woman alone in raven nights but when you

yearn to cry in the ultraviolet shadows of

northern lights midst millions but saline tears 

refuses to comply, they have abandoned…


For the inside of your wombs the bloody

waters have dried and declines to ooze

out,  like ashen smoke of cheap joints

you burn out day and night….


 Remember that moment once someone

complimented about those pretty lips but kisses

like paper-planes flew out of those

broken-windows …


Oh! baby there is a hope, it’s out there in 

that horizon across azure blue oceans and

you sparkle like a last flame of old waxen



A candle you flicker-flicker and paddle

your boat with all the might knowing

that your time is finally out,

its just over, you keep flickering …

just paddling….

33 thoughts on “Misfortune”

    1. True a moment of despair but there is a pleasure in knowing there is a permanent dry rock coz you stop caring 🙂, thanks for your insight, you framed it beautifully.

    1. Thanks Jaya for your kind words, sry for late reply I found your comment in spam. I am so glad my word resonates with you and the feeling is mutual!

    1. Thanks a lot Shantanu I just tried to seize a moment of despair, when you are banging your head against wall with certain situations and people the glimmer of hope is you are paddling against currents. Thanks a lot for reading my friend. Happy Diwali 🙂

  1. Lovely. It reminds me of how life changes occur in thought and deed, we row with paddles sometimes against the current, hoping to arrive. Sometimes the currents need power much stronger than we can muster. 🙂

    1. Ron thanks for your insight, hope your weekend was good. I was trying to seize a moment of despair, those when you feel that with certain people or situation it’s like banging your head against wall. You feel they have improved but it’s again as you said paddling against the currents. Did you get??

      1. Got it. I understand what you mean. Thanks for your enlightenment. My weekend was good and I trust you had a wonderful one. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading certain moments and people are out of control and you are left with despair. I truly appreciate your kind read and insight. Regards

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