A Thing Of Beauty

“A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever, It’s loveliness Increases and It Will Never Pass Into Nothingness.”


34 thoughts on “A Thing Of Beauty”

    1. Beauty will not pass into nothingness and that’s the joy!! Anything beautiful remains a joyful memory!

      1. I agree. Beauty remains vivid in our minds. Joy is also beauty and brings out beauty as well as fullness of life. 😉 I suppose interchangeable. Thanks for the intriguing post.

      2. I didn’t notice it earlier. I try to keep an eye out for responses so I don’t miss any. I didn’t see your comment earlier. 🙂

      3. Ha ha ha well you are on very good side, my over exuberant sometimes overlook what others have to say I am content with my own comments 😊

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