Necklace of Pearls

Like beads of pearls

scattered on a polished

marble grounds, my

soul disintegrated into

thousand parts unknown,

scattered, knowing that

cancer of rage has spread,

the lumps of gloom are

growing, I a scavenger

picked on the left-over

carcasses once a

live breathing body

where blood flew like

streams of Tigris

now lay blue, cold

limpless, still pieces

have to be sorted-out

sown delicately like a

Necklace of pearls, 

worn on dark evenings

to hide gaunt neckline

devoid of any bloods

of forefathers, where

once flew gushing 

streams of Tigris….












19 thoughts

    • Pearls and diamonds will always stay my friend, Tigris’s will come and go diamonds and pearls are here to stay. On serious note winters always have the worst of me, the rage and gloom comes to surface but I try to smile and be happy 🙂

      • Like a true diamond and pearl you are. I trust each night you have the warmth and love you deserve to weather the cold. Each morning brings a new day and the warmth of the sun along with the warmth of words and embrace of others. 🤗

      • You are turning into a poet too😊, Miracles are happening. Thanks for your wishes, I wish your day is radiant and prosperous. I do appreciate your comments !

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