La Danse a Bougival

Delicately swaying in the arms of few besotted men

etched forever so gloriously in splendid La Danse a Bougival

of  Peintre  Auguste Pierre Renoir wondering how and when

stamping toe to toe, beating chest to chest raising toasts, few umps

Embraced taut in the grip of one armored sturdy French man

Chiseled out of the luxurious wines of the valleys of Normandy 

Slender waisted damsel gliding, drifting on high  heels of fancies

Though shy, at times very coy but never turning away from the  joys

The florescent twilight toying with the flickering lights due credit to

master peintre  Renoir’s enthralling lush colors and bewitching fine strokes

Dazzling splashes of brighter crimson, flirty hues of purples and violets

unveiling the naive beauties of heavy bosomed youthfulness 

Times of our lives when the  lofty dreams knew no bounds

And hope cascaded like transient bubbles of French champagnes 

Awestruck Poets like me gotten old with the narrow passages of time

But Pientre Renoir’s La Danse a Bougival  gilded a youthful ruby

etched forever in our hearts so gloriously.





28 thoughts on “La Danse a Bougival”

  1. Tanya…you absolutely enthrall me with the vivid, rich, and exotic portraits you so deftly paint for your readers.


    You, my friend, rip me from reality.

    So well done!

    1. Aww, thanks a lot for showering such praises my friend I am no deserving! It’s all the goddess muse who inspires us by triggering visions. A blogger friend who has beautiful site inspired me to write on this great artist’s painting.

    1. Shantanu so very kind of you for lavishing such high praises, a blogger friend inspired me to pen this verses awestruck by the beauty of the painting! 🙂

    1. Hey Megha thanks a lot, I am truly humbled, you are such a fine poet yourself. I truly admire and love your work. I was inspired by a blogger friend to pen down a verse on this marvelous painting.

    1. Thanks a lot my friend, you are the inspiration behind the poem, thanks a lot for posting such splendid works of artists. I absolutely love your site, such beauty!!

  2. A lovely painting that inspired a lovely poem.

    On a few occasions I met Auguste Pierre Renoir’s great grandson Manuel Renoir.

    He owned a sparkling mineral water bottling company in the Canadian province of Alberta called Renoir Sparkling Water.

    1. Wow, that so interesting, never knew his great grandson has mineral bottle company, great artist. My blogger friend inspired me to write a poem while we both were awestruck by the beauty of his works. Great painter! Next time you meet great grandson do tell his grandfather is fondly remembered ::)
      I should have known after all you are Count Dracula, you must have meet people 🙂

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