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Pure Ecstasy

The melodious fluttering

leaves twirling, swaying

wooing petals of the

withered flowers doing  

belle on the softer

orchestras of the hollow

winds of majestic



Shy veiled sun, playing

hide-seek from behind

the dark clouds, like

a coy bride with a

mischievous gleam,

trying to catch arousing



A lone bee hovering

on the left-over florets

suckling to the last

drops of heavenly

nectar for which many

virgins slained their



An ecstasy took over

as if intoxicated of rich

wines from the barrels

of ancient Greek Gods

drowsiness of thousand

opiums seized  the



My naked body scented

in the aromas of damp

Earth, handsome winter

softly draping me, coiling

me in his strong embraces

a passionate kiss of

morning dew on my

swelled lips,


Parched tongues asking

for more nectar, added

dew bites held tightly

against winter’s chest

sun coming out of veils

revealing its glory, dropping

all shames, layers…

drowsiness of thousand

opiums came upon

upon, pure ecstasy

of sheer release…








50 thoughts on “Pure Ecstasy”

    1. Thanks Bill, May be some thoughts of morning glory 🤭🤭, truly appreciate your read! Winters can have such effects!!

      1. What can be great to have wines, blankets and pine-nuts won’t say more…

      2. 😊 only if there was no work and only only winter break … doing work is awful esp in winters hmm

      3. 👍🥂 let’s have imaginery wines and pretend there is no work while working in winters thinking of all that could have happened 🥂my toast to the day!

    1. Thanks Megha, winters are almost at the door step ready to embrace and trouble us with such thoughts. Thanks for reading and your insight, hope you have been well!

      1. Hmm may be you are right, besides it’s raining a lot now days, global-warming ??

    1. Thanks for your read and insight. Humbled by your kind words, I do have visions which I need to pen down, I actually find nature sensuous and very feminine in nature. I guess I do draw lot of vividness and inspiration from the nature.

      1. You are nature personified. Stunning and sensual at the root of your being that resonates from your conscious heart and soul. You see and write about what many miss.

      2. I am truly humbled with your words, in my darkest times I’ve sought refuge in nature, it just happenes when ever I start penning nature comes to surface as strange as it sound I never sit down to really pen about nature as such!

  1. Your words of warmth chase away the cool, wintry breeze; easing the chill and warming the mind, soul and thought. I had a couple of grins while reading; enjoying every thought with imagination. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading it’s getting very cold here, winters are almost here so I penned this poem, to bring warmth. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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