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Lullaby of Bagpipers

On Celtic notes of bagpipers

on the vast green highlands

behind those infinite pastures,

swaying pristine cherry-blooms leaves

with the melodies of autumn 

winds, sits a mother nightingale

delicately twining, weaving ashen 

wigs to build a nest for land’s

cold harsh winters for her 

five little fragile babies  

on Celtic lullaby of



On this brave land of martyrs 

dwells aching women

longing for their

wounded men

to come




49 thoughts on “Lullaby of Bagpipers”

    1. Nice to know about your dad, defense service wow! I am glad you liked it! Truly appreciate it. I am busy cooking for festivities literally like crazy I am cooking and now fainted on my bed

      1. No I am not eating my I’m putting on weight just cooking literally like maniac … 🤔 just wondering why???

      2. Well one thing at time my friend when at home a homemaker when our a career woman, a thing at a time!

      1. You have to be humble here Tanya. You can be as proud on this as you want to. Especially the last lines that threw me offguard and I am happy I joined this community.

      2. I was listening to the tunes of bagpiper and this vision I had so I penned it down. I get such fantasy visions all the time, and then I have to pen them down.!

      3. Well in general we women are more dreamy as for writing just keep writing and it starts improving that’s my mantra!

      4. yes the more we read and then write it has helped me! Then ofcourse we have our individual styles!

      5. Hot. The sun never goes down. Sometimes I miss snow but mostly I am okay with weather. And you don’t worry too if the curse of the dolphin were to come true your place will also have temperature like this. Hail global warming.

    1. Thanks a lot Winnie, I am do glad you liked it, truly appreciate it! Have a great week ahead!

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