Sailor & The Dolphin

A limping old sailor sailing on cerulean palish

waves on one night of crescent moon in his dingy

archaic boat plagued by sea-sickness, weather sores

saw in bewilderment a vision to behold an enormous

silver  figure jumped out of deep waters, a rare long

finned dolphin trailing along the decapitated mast;

What do you seek? asked the awestruck sailor

“I am looking for my lost calf” replied the bottle-

nosed voice smelling of  great worry and woes..

“It ain’t here, I am on voyage discovering islands

of gold no time for trivialities” replied in a manner

sailors are notorious for…

“No such island exists”, the dolphin grinned in the fashion

of the heavenly mermaids of vast seas;

I have reigned over these azure waters before you and

 your likes were born, after which my calves began

to disappear, great doom befell on these waters due

to man’s arrogance and fallacy….

While I graze these cursed waters for my calf, sailors

like you will forever lose their ways and perish in 

labyrinth of these liquid waters and will never have

the joys of families”

At the moment the thunder hit , a blazing lightning struck

the iron mast and sailor saw the prophecy unfolding,

with his naked eyes, knowing the fate of future 



( This is my take on increasing water pollution and illegal hunting of whales and dolphins, in our seas and oceans.)



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  1. hey Tanya, I have nominated you for Blogger Recognition Award. Please check on The post Blogger Recognition Award appeared on Spreading Smiles – Rita. 🎉

    • Thanks Count Dracula 🧛‍♂️, I guess as a poet sometimes I should talk about such issues also I can’t just keep ranting about my heart even when beings out there are struggling to survive. Thanks for your read, appreciate it. 💀🏰🧟‍♂️

  2. A huge applause 👏 👏…….. My heart goes out to these creatures………the issue needs awareness …..and your pen is doing just that 👌

  3. Beautifully done Tanya.
    This is the question we all need to address. The days are not far behind when we become history and someone evolved animal reads in its history books why dinosaurs and humans are not on earth now and why we should sympathize with dinosaurs and not human.😐

    • Thanks Dave was watching a documentary on Dolphins and illegal hunting and a thought cane and penned thus verse, glad you liked it!

    • Thanks for reading, was trying to bring attention to illegal hunting and poaching in ocean waters. Truly appreciate your time!

      • I was watching a documentary on Dolphins on TV and a thought clicked and being a fiction writer just penned it the way I knew 🙂 thanks a lot for reading !

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