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The Triumph

Between insatiable expectations 

and the limited realities 

lingers harsh disappointments

a man becomes a man when 

he seeks solace in disappointments

fathom his limited realities 

while treasuring the insatiable 

expectations , for triumph of a man

lies  in dreaming and failing.




26 thoughts on “The Triumph”

    1. Thanks Bill, was just wondering what to do in life if one is disappointment then thought may be dreaming and failing is the best that we can do!

      1. In state of great disappointment I wrote while thinking whats the solution and I could only think of dreaming and failing again 🙂

      1. I wrote this verse while being in a state of extreme disappointment and this was the only solution i could think of 🙁

  1. I do relate to that feeling of extreme disappointment…and dare not trivialize the emotions behind it….and I am learning that it is human to dream, to expect, to get disappointed, and to sometimes fail too…and as a human being it is okay to be all that, as long as the lesson entailed is observed and learnt.

    1. I am so glad Shantanu you liked it verses in state of despair and thought may be I should dream again and fall again !

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