hibiscus tea
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The Hibiscus Tea

Let us in the warm coziness of the vibrant autumn,

brew some majestic Hibiscus and drink together

from the same cups of desire,celebrating momentary

love as we delicately place china tea pot on the Indian

lotus tray and allow the saffron waters to be poured in,

cascading like a fall through the walls of  dashing indigo

porcelain tea pot, handcrafted by an ancient artist,gently

falling on the tender petals of the regal Hibiscus, veiled in

pink petals like a wedding garb of a young mountain bride

so shy and very coy, as the heat of warm waters hinted,

it began to take-off the layers of wet petals one by one,

like pieces of ruby and pearl ,till reached the very end

last petal, draping a satin lingerie teasing and flirting

the onlookers until completely naked in the arms of the

hot passionate waters, opening up its juicy voluptuous

lips to wildly infuse and melt in the golden waters to

become one for now and forever,  let us drink tea

together from the same cups of desire…






29 thoughts on “The Hibiscus Tea”

    1. Thanks a lot, well anything can be sensuous if you do it aesthetically and with passion.

    1. Thanks a lot Jaya, sometimes all we need is a cup of tea to remove the weariness of the day and if someone can make it for us, that would be a luxury. I am more of a coffee person but I’ve a stack full of green and flavored teas and I make it with my heart’s desire.

    1. Thanks Bill, please pour yourself some hot-tea, tea pot is in front just don’t hesitate! 🙂

      1. I think now our goal should be getting whole hibiscus 🌺 flower and brew it in a tea-pot and watch it opening in warm water, I’ve heard it’s a sight to behold!

  1. Let me see I guess Amazon might be having them, they have everything lol but I really want to see flower opening in tea-pot. I’ll send you the link if I find and we can brew tea😤

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