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Your Absence

My heart aches as

It bleeds drops of

crimson desires while

longing ,a decayed sepia

picture is preserved

in the cris-cross

chambers echoing

a comfort of your

lack, a cold warmth

in your stillness,

neat bed-sheets 

narrate a tale of

extinguished fire,of

broken vows , no

” I love you’‘ or

ever “miss you’

may be it is a

curse that you

only exist in your



45 thoughts on “Your Absence”

      1. Echoing your thoughts that how we crave for passionate kisses and loving words in our relationships

    1. Thanks, Shantanu for taking out time to read, don’t we all live this kind of love at times!

      1. blame it on the daily lives, kids work there is an absence, we poets try to fill it with our words

      2. ha ha ha but the greatest words came from you, when you said marriage is not a decree but free souls meeting, that is ambitious ha ha

      3. Are you suggesting we both are waking on a thin wire 😀on a separate note, every writing can be conceived based on how you read. Maybe our escape path 😜

      4. Not me Shantanu only you, the Gibran of married poets seeking freedom of souls between two ends, on one hand non-poetic life partner and on other end kids eating up heads and you in between penning verses of freedom 🙂

      5. Haha. I respectfully disagree. You read it otherwise. What I meant was no relationship will be pegged on a shear decree created under societal norms. Marriage or otherwise. Know you have to be always take the freedom responsible like how we take our freedom of speech 😊. Now to your poem I still loved it and I agree with your thoughts that essence often gets lost – unfortunate but true and maybe we all can work towards it

      6. I was kidding I agree but the moment societal stamps are put, something changes in otherwise beautiful relationships, as far as mine poem, I guess no matter at what stage of relationship we still yearn loving words and special treatments but there comes an absence. But I did loved your words, because I am freedom lover and love is possible only if there is freedom.

      7. See we can always find a happy medium. Jokes apart I love your poems, your thoughts and aberrant views. Don’t change no matter whosoever says anything. It is my pleasure to find you in blogosphere and you will be always in my top list of favorites ❤️

      8. Wow that’s a great compliment to be in favorite list, as far as my poems like all the other poets I sometimes fill absence and the need to be heard through my words. Whether love or spirituality the freedom of soul is the ultimate motive :)!

      9. I am flattered, you always bring smile to my face, I wonder what Ive done to deserve so much appreciation!

  1. We, humans, are always searching sometimes for love and sometimes the lack of it. Sometimes the presence of it gives us solace and sometimes the yearning of it gives us relief such is the aberrant heart of ours.

      1. memories and longings, sometimes in your fantasies you long certain things but in reality they are absent!

  2. yes reality sometimes is so blurred, esp if your are staying in foreign countries you engage in lot of brown studies and day dreaming, writing this is how I fill certain voids. Certain longings only exist in my dream world 🙂

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