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No Desire Is Mightier

I know not…

Was it a dream or a drowsy opiate slumber?

As I stood on a tortured sea-shore

and cast my eye on the swollen waves

passionately  kissing my naked feet

making love to me with a brutish force

taking me in its azure vinyl embrace

slowly grasping my flaming flesh with

a fiery I’ve never known before,

an uproar a stir in my fragile body

exhausted since centuries of decay

the foamy saline waters entering in me

through all nook and corners, fissures and holes

mixing in all the violent blues with the

crimson reds, crawling stealthily like million

serpents, wriggling gushing upwards

Oh! a sensation a loud roar within

a rapture somewhere, an euphoric elation

an electric jolt worth thousands bolts!

My enslaved body in an act of consummation

so strong, my heart-ached, soul-shuddered

at the violation so brutal, like a hapless bird

caught in a nib of a savage Falcon from the

far-east, I let it happen without any contest

Why? Because I possessed it too and let loose

the cinders of  ancient fire burning in me

for I didn’t surrender, and let it go on without

a single doubt or shame nor did I curse

the gods above, knowing that no desire is

mightier than the other, for yearnings

have the same frenzy everywhere.

But I know not…

Was it a dream or a drowsy opiate slumber?






35 thoughts on “No Desire Is Mightier”

    1. Thaks alot Sunil for taking out the time and reading it. I am glad you liked it, by the way I am waiting for the long version of your spooky tales. Really looking forward to them.

      1. To read you work. Pleasure is mine.

        As for my spooky tales. Will definately work on the.
        Just need to finish two more in my Dracula series
        Learn to fly baby and Dracula goes for blood test. Hopefully finish them this week.

  1. Wow. Splendid. I read it twice to feel the essence. The yearnings so well expressed standing alone my the sea shore and the triggered with the cerulean water touching you and making you express desires. No desire is sin❤️❤️

    1. Hi, Shantanu thanks a lot for taking out time to read it, I am really glad you liked it and indeed no desire is mightier than the other😊

    1. Thank you dearest Eddie for reading and leaving your kind remarks, Indeed I agree these words are straight from the heart. Sometimes mundane things can stir something inside you!

    1. Thanks alot for your kind words, I am truly humbled. I am so glad my words resonate with you. Thank You!

      1. Yes Tanya Your words touched me that way. I like good writing and you also made me think about the question. You are very welcome Tanya !

      2. Well I am so glad that it made you reflect and ponder over the question. What question if I may ask

      3. I am glad my writing made you reflect and ponder over, may I ask what question it made you think of?

      4. I got it!. some dreams are so real and certain realities like a dream.😊

      5. Yes exactly ! I have had dreams that were so life like and certain realities that were similar dream like trance. It was like it was so unreal but was it ?

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