Cacophony Of Sounds

Silence fills you
like nothing else
a need, an addiction
a compulsion
Let the seconds,
minutes, hours 
be infused with-quietness 
draw the blinds of heart
rejoice in tranquility
of poise contractions
stillness of fleeting moments
freeze the much
pervasive solitude 
pause the endless cacophony 
of incoherent sounds,
of million thoughts. 
Let our hearts
become the shrines
of calmness and serenity
those who fear silence 
will not go so far.


71 thoughts

  1. silence is to be used very carefully, in different circumstances, it may apply differently. Think hard before using it. You don’t wanna mess up things just because of silence. If there is something that is bothering you, say it. Don’t remain silent in such a situation.

    • You are correct that silence is to be used diligently but here in the poem silence connotes peace and calm. Thanks a lot for your kind remarks I truly appreciate it.

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