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Cacophony Of Sounds

Silence fills you
like nothing else
a need, an addiction
a compulsion
Let the seconds,
minutes, hours 
be infused with-quietness 
draw the blinds of heart
rejoice in tranquility
of poise contractions
stillness of fleeting moments
freeze the much
pervasive solitude 
pause the endless cacophony 
of incoherent sounds,
of million thoughts. 
Let our hearts
become the shrines
of calmness and serenity
those who fear silence 
will not go so far.

71 thoughts on “Cacophony Of Sounds”

      1. I will!!! And yes, preparations for the baklava are underway. Tomorrow, a few more ingredients to acquire. And of course…the Tokaji!

        I’ll prep everything tomorrow, then let the baklava rest overnight to let the flavors marry. Sunday night for dessert…with the Tokaji!

        Suspect with the results of this culinary experiment, I’ll broaden my poetry/wine pairings menu!


      2. Great, you can keep something exotic like this once in a while along with the wine and chocolate and of course poetry.

      3. I am planning to cook some saffron infused chicken rice and cucumber yogurt tonight, as it weeknd

      4. its a great dish to have, ill send you the recipe once you make baklava 🙂

      5. Hey Bill, some of my comment may be resting in your spam, do check. Thanks

      6. Argh…I don’t see it in spam…sigh.

        I suspect it must be my “operator error.”



      7. could be it happened with my friend, my comments were found sleeping in his spam

      8. Tomorrow, I’ll do the baklava, and drizzle the syrup in the cut joints. But…

        I’m disappointed because my local wine shop didn’t have any Tokaji!!

        So, I’ll have to go to another wine vendor tomorrow. I’m not going to settle for anything less when I taste the baklava!


      9. Nice, even for me to find miles was not easy , i had search few wine shops to find. I am sure the bakalva is going to turn out very nice. I had saffron chicken rice with yogurt.
        My comments keep disappearing on your site wondering why

      10. Hmmmm…weird. I see several comments from you. Maybe this WP app isn’t that good!

        Regardless… I so much appreciate the effort and interest!! I’ve had some struggles myself with the WP app over the past few days.


      11. I will have to contact world press coz many have complained of my comments in their spam. Anyways its fine.

      12. Well…that’s very accommodating of you…but WP should be better than that!!!

        I’ll send you a photo of my baklava when it’s done tomorrow night!

      13. yes it would be better if they work on the app. You should start a food blog with poetry it would be so good

      14. I agree! I’m working on an eBook of my poetry now. Maybe when I get that task completed, I’ll start the additional blog journey! I would love to do that!!

      1. Yep because, I post messages and they keep disappearing on your site!

  1. silence is to be used very carefully, in different circumstances, it may apply differently. Think hard before using it. You don’t wanna mess up things just because of silence. If there is something that is bothering you, say it. Don’t remain silent in such a situation.

    1. You are correct that silence is to be used diligently but here in the poem silence connotes peace and calm. Thanks a lot for your kind remarks I truly appreciate it.

    1. Thanks a lot Winnie 🙏, I truly appreciate it.I’ve sent you the recipe of Baklava, check your mail!

      1. You’re welcome, Tanya! Wooowww! I’m truly grateful for the recipe you shared. I’ll bake it soon and dedicate my post to you. Thank you so much! 😊❤️

      1. Thanks for your kind words, writing gets polished with writing and further reading!

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