The Persian Laila

Having feasted past-midnight, Persian Laila got up lazily at the stroke of twelve still

wearing her sparkling tiara, she rose with a numbing headache resultant of a hangover

caused by the left-over French champagne that she drank greedily from the China glass of her

benevolent master. Her master’s darling she occupied a special place in his cozy lap and

 abhorred the site of her pot-bellied mistress, for Laila considered her as a staunch

competitor and purred when ever she dared come near especially at long intervals of midnight

drinks with the master. She would adorn herself on the left thigh of master and lick heavenly

nectar only from the corner his pinkish wrinkled hands.A site to behold midst bubbling

champagne and the smoke of expensive Cuban cigars. Her blue eyes drunk with envy and

rage, she fought hard and with everyone for her master’s attention. On rare occasions of

evening strolls, she would walk with snobbish air and displeased countenance on the cobbled

streets of rustic New York and look down with disdain on all other pussies in the town as she

deemed them to be too causal and boring in the appearance, For Laila came from the Persian

peninsula from the house of the grand pasha of Azerbaijan, her great-grandmother the dark-

eyed Hoorie was a favorite of the sultan-Suleiman and a cherished presence on all matters

important of every concern but was slain on one moonless night by the jealous ladies of sultan’s

Harem, All were fine till troubles started to brew, for master was a man of excess and one

Persian damsel was not enough and yearned for another beauty to occupy the vacant right thigh  

so brought a petite French this time, Annabella who had a legacy of her own, for she came

from the family of Master pastry chef, Monsuier Jean Paul employed in the house of King Louis XII

Both pussycats couldn’t look each other in the eye for both was endowed with looks and

style to charm any. One fine day while the master was away, in a brawl with each other both

got their tails entangled, the mistress had enough and decided to sail one of them away and

who better than the Persian Laila, for she was never in her good books. Hence a plan was

hatched and poor Laila was swiftly hurried off to live with an old woman in quite a corner

of the town and master was told a tale of how she eloped with neighbor’s Valentino who had

no history to boast of. Annabella now the reigning queen while Laila spent her time remembering 

the days of glory gone by.


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    • I really like it myself , its funny :). Cats are divas ,I see so many around they are so cleaver, while dogs are dumb 🙂

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