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Old Oak Tree

From my heart extends  the dark

dry branches, trying to ooze their thin

heads out, longing to embrace the

old oak tree standing alone.

Patiently waiting for the winds of

autumn to strip him naked, before

he goes for a long hibernation in the

silvery snow flakes. The branches of

my heart eager to  coil around his

withered ancient moldy bark

The many grim moonless

nights, when I would lay in his hollow

lap as he stretched his wrinkled branches

to run across my tangled hair to adorn

it with saplings of leaves and embrace

me tight in its gigantic roots, showering

me with his many benevolences, purifying

my soul of sins of generations with

a delicate touch of chastity on my bosoms

For I love him with all my heart, I just love him!

And  he always loves me back.

Numerous silent tears that I shed as it held,

me high on its shaky branches,

Branches like a silver beard of an old

prophet, his yellowish green leaves

 whirl like a Sufi-Darvesh on the

Melody of golden flute of hollow winds.

A final good-bye to him before he

 is exiled to the remote lands of winter.

A final  cry till we meet again

he with his younger leaves and I with an

older heart but one day I know I’ll

merge in his roots forever, till then

I’ll pray in the shrine of my tears and

wait for his safe return. 

Tanya Shukla

30 thoughts on “Old Oak Tree”

    1. I agree, nature is divinity. We are approaching fall in Ct, in next month or so, trees will shed leaves and that inspired me to pen this. In dreary winters you start missing the greenery around. Thanks Eddie, for reading it, which part of the country you are in?

      1. Must be optimum warmth there for plants to blooms, here in New England we have six months to grow stuff, I’ve few tomato and cilantro plants, i hoping they mature before winters 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, I truly appreciate your kind words. I am so glad you liked it. And thanks for checking out, wind’s tale, I am humbled!

    1. Thank you, I am indebted to your encouraging words and generosity.
      I’ll pay it back some day but for today virtual 😘

      1. 😘😘 😘 I think you are good and original and you should keep writing, if only to please me. You are good at love and erotic and sensual, which I don’t see many people doing…in poetry! Take care 👍👍🤗🤗

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