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Storm of Lifetime

An endless saga for the princely Florencio

has just begun with trumpets and  horns 

Fox and CNN like love-lorn destitute women

are in the arena  to maneuver each other

in the valiant sport of storm-catching, in

the deep blue oceans of the mighty Atlantis

The senile weather channel has not stopped

humming an aching melody for days now,

like a heart missing a beat the Florencio has

just dropped from a category five to two

An empire taken over by frenzy of hoarding

We have more waters stocked in our homes

than in the magic wand  of Florencio itself

The prying eyes of the whole world is set on

the storm of lifetime, the bet is that the regal

dark Florencio will beat exotic havocs of

Katrina’s and Laila’s of the past of-course poor

Andrew was never a match nor in name

or in game, Czar Tutin and one Ching Kong

dreaming if  storm  can do the task ordained

to them,  it’s already a success for those seating 

in the ovals and squares, as for me I just want 

the boyish Florencio to pass and watch for the 

devastating charms of debonair Valentino next

year while my husband yearns it to be sultry


-Tanya Shukla 

( just a poem to lighten up the serious mood in the country. I pray for everyone’s safety and health)



6 thoughts on “Storm of Lifetime”

  1. Thanks for the insight and providing a lighter moment. There certainly needs to be a balance between gloom and glare. I’m glad to see how so many people rise to the occasion on events such as this.

  2. Well everyone is contributing in the ways they know best at the time of national emergency. I just wanted to spread laughter to ease off the tension 🙂
    Thanks for reading Ron. God bless you!

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