Raven Haired Death

In my hours of grim solitude 

I sometimes lament loved ones

who left the world way too soon

I sob & shed a tear or two.

Though I see death all around

A big tree just fell yesterday

Petals of flowers wither everyday

Little saplings die before rays of Sun

The charm of life is momentary

we are here for a minute or two.

Still my heart stops for a second, 

between the minutes of mortality,

 When I ponder on how many  went.

I question the raven-haired death

Just tell me why so soon, why?

The heiress of decay replies is it

not better to be soon than never?

For for many death is easier than the

cruel life itself, with a gentle bow 

she soared high in the blue skies on

her winged white horse, holding

 an emerald Grecian urn decorated

with vibrant violet Persian flowers.

Her dark raven hair like black clouds

dangling from skies like the droplets of

gentler rain falling on my pale skin,

As I stood drenched in translucent

waters of my own mortality.


-Tanya Shukla




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    • I am truly humbled by your kind remarks. I’ve a strange tendency of getting philosophical in my works, it just happens. But I am glad someout there like it 🙂 take care

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