Devil’s Child

Tempted by charms of Lucifer 
The fire dragon, lured on pretext 
Of cotton candies, little lad 
Followed on dark muddy 
Serpent road, dwindling narrowing 
Suited booted the conniving tempter
Played jokes, spoke the tongue
Which children find so amusing
” don’t be afraid, take more”
Hence spoke the prince of darkness 
Naivety running in veins, agreed the 
Young man, birds stopped chirping 
Little ants crawled back to colonies 
Winds hid behind lofty mountains 
Boy anxious started to weep,
“I wanna go home now”
A sinister smile possessed Beelzebub 
I am your guardian now, shrieked the evil one
The boy laughed mischievously,
Appalled the amber eyed devil cried
“Aren’t you afraid, you tiny trash”
Boy chuckled giggled to himself 
“You insolent, teach you discipline”
Licking chewy cotton candy 
Mr. Lucifer, that daunting task, 
Even my mom shuddered, gave up 
For she says,”I am too a devil’s child”
Tanya Shukla
( This poem is dedicated to my very naughty students who played enormous tricks on me. During my 10 years of career as a teacher, I’ve met some of the most mischievous kids. From doodling my ugly sketches, throwing paper balls at me, bunking my classes they tried everything. :))

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