The Legend of Dwarka

Om Namo Bhagwati 

Saw visions of a mythical city 
Dwarka, the holy abode of
Lord Krishna, sunken deep in
In fathomable emerald Indian  ocean 

Drowned 9, 000 years ago 
In cruel apocalyptic floods
Legend has it a city embellished 
In gold, silver precious pearls 

Royal palaces, temple domes 
Stood tall imposing the glory of
Blue-skinned God, making merry 
And mirth on his golden flute 

Holy cows, divine swans inhabited 
The land so plush, thousand turquoise peahen 
Ruffled feathers when majestic monsoons rolled 
Mango grooves, Gulmohar trees adorned 

The fabled kingdom, pulsating with rare gems
Ruby, topaz, lapis lazuli, floating lush gardens 
Giant tusked elephants bowed
Heavens roared, winds trembled

Leaves froze, earth stood silently
fierce lion head diety roamed the streets
The incarnation of the supreme god feared 
Born neither in dawn nor dusk
Killed neither inside or outside 

Beyond the realms of the human mind 
Golden ducks floated in the sacred Ganges 
Charting its course through narrow streets 
Regal gardens, finally merging in the vastness 
Of mighty ocean, tall molten statues of the sun god

Rose upright on the great Himalayas 
Fragment, healing herbs filled-air 
Intoxicating  the denizens into an ecstasy 
Stronger than the humble poppy 
The enchanted mystic vision vanished 
As I opened my mortal eyes.

Tanya Shukla

(On the occasion of Janmashtami, my tribute to Lord Krishna and all his devotees)


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