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An Ode To My Daughter

Walk on unafraid without 
thinking of
The hurt of foes or friends 
Be the captain of 
Your ship 
Sail slowly in the direction 
Of  lucky star 
Never be in haste 
For slow and steady
Wins the race 
March on fearless 
Through the darkest alleys  
Carrying the torch of
One God above 
Fathers, lovers will 
Try to hold on 
Liberate yourself from 
Shackles of their kinds 
You are the mistress of 
Your own fate 
Never bow down to 
The trying times 
Never barter heart for 
Few pounds 
Don’t become an open
Book for world 
To discard 
Carry the essence 
Of few mysteries in your heart
Never carry fragile 
emotions on your sleeves 
Preserve the innermost 
At the core of your soul
Peel off the layers of 
apprehensions and 
inhibitions of 
Any kind 
Go run naked 
Under the blue sky
For the world is your abode
Mighty sky above
the roof 
Humble earth beneath 
Your cradle 
Live your life to the fullest that’s
Your mother’s only 

(I wrote this poem for my daughter, Trisha when she was six months, this was my advice to her in life)

26 thoughts on “An Ode To My Daughter”

    1. I wrote it last year when my daughter was 6 months, decided to pen feelings in words 🙂

    1. Thanks Krishna, I wrote the poem when my daughter was six months old. I am glad you liked it. Regrads

      1. Thanks Krishna, I feel I am lucky to have her, since she is born I feel more empowered and less anxious than before. Regards

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