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Her passing an irreparable loss, I knew

She will be gone before I will stand on my feet

Like a short-lived spring, she flowered and blossomed

And moved on to far lands, behind those tall mountains

Becoming some legend in a fabled, mythical distant land

Her angelic crisscross face echoing tales of a very hard life

Heavenly appearance that illuminated my whole being

The wrinkled shaky arms that embraced my grim childhood

She had already left while I hid behind one dark oak tree

I stood longing for some heavenly grace and sobriety

As I searched through slender caverns and hollow barks

Worn-out I fell into a deep slumber of a prophetic dream

A vision wrapped in bright topaz light floating above huge

Black thundering clouds of rain, “seek me in your heart”

Were the words, I awoke and simply carried on my path.


( This poem is dedicated my beloved grandmother, whose grace touched my life like no other)


23 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. This is some very fine work.
    Your descriptive power knows no bounds.
    And the use of Simile and Imagery is quite beautiful.

    This work is now closer to my heart too as I also wrote a short poem “The blue cabin and the white cat” sometimes back on the same subject.

    1. Aww this is my favorite too, my grandma left six years ago, and not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. I miss her so much!

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