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Belly Dancer

A gentle fierce damsel
A face so exquisite 
From the fertile valley of 
Great Saharan lands with
Voluptuous serpentine moves
Sensuous tattooed hissing belly
Adorned with silver hip scarves 
Softly sexually on the rhythms
Of  Arabic darbuka
Back and forth, side to side
Teasing with tender bouncy
Bosoms trying to peek out, 
Of choli embellished with coins
Transparent meandering harem 
Pants allowing onlookers to 
Have a heavenly glimpse of 
Treasures hidden beneath in 
The sinful darker corners 
Evoking awe, a silent heartache
An ecstasy like being on 
Thousand opiates 

Tanya Shukla

( This poem is dedicated to the beautiful and feminine art of belly dancing. During my long work in middle-east, I got a chance to enjoy this ancient form of dancing, traditionally used to aid women in child-birth)


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