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A Dying Man

Yesterday saw a dying man
lying breathless on the cobbled
pavement, near the majestic Promenade

A face so fragile, marred by the ailment
called life, a look of a victim 
and hardships endured

An appearance of a sullen
disappointment, masked beneath 
the scaly, withered skin

Hanging on to one thread of breath,
life gradually dithering, 
in his emaciated body.

Cries of pain and suffering 
echoing a tale of broken, 
promises and misfortunes so heavy.

Crowds gathered around to,
witness the grand finale; the 
the spectacle of death so cheap.

A sigh of relief a gentle,
reassurance, glance at the sky
for thank god, it wasn’t me.

Creaking sound of creature’s
cries, torturous unbearable
to the refined human ear.

Terrified at the final performance
crowds dispersed, thinking of
the share they might have to offer.

Life oozing out of the blob
of flesh, a gush of air exhaled
from the parched mouth. 

A faint voice, oh god!
lighting struck, ending the tale 
of a man who lost the battle too soon

Tanya Shukla

13 thoughts on “A Dying Man”

    1. I witnessed a homeless man on the road, people were hovering around but not to offer any help simply for a spectacle. I decided to write few words inspired by the whole scene. Thanks for your kind word, it so encouraging for obscure writers like me 🙂

  1. Dying man is a heart rending scene created by the blogger.It attracts our attention that we required to be little more human .Blogger deserve all appreciation by raising the most sensitive issue of dying humainty through her blog

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