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I was also the son of my father 
Born of his destiny 
Hunger raised me with a lot of love 
Slept under the vast sky 
Earth as my mattress 
A homeless board my 
A ceiling of abode, 
Made secret love to pillow 
squeezed tight between legs
Mocked at the sane people
Who yelled called me names
Beautiful woman scorned 
Disgusted with my looks 
I terrified of their hearts
A cop took me in his cell 
Wretched didn’t catch a single thief 
Young children giggled laughed
Hurled stones, thought I
One day they will also grow up
A wasted husband in a drinking spree 
kicked my balls last night
Poor he again fought with his wife
A neighbor of mine went missing
Heard run down by a lorry
Glad his life was indeed a suffering 

-Tanya Shukla

17 thoughts on “Homeless”

  1. Homeless depicts the suffering of homeless people Its human agony but its also true that destiny plays a major role.

      1. I’m working on a project called W.A.R(we’re all relevant) im trying to shine a light on the Homlessness epidemic by giving the people who everyone steps over and around a voice.

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