The Culture of Victimhood & Offense

We certainly live in a world which is oversensitive and over-vigilant. Everyone appears to take an offense for one thing or the other. The irony of the whole thing is the more we brag about the freedom of speech that we constitutionally enjoy more we are on the verge of losing the same freedom.  It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that we are living in a world where everyone is suffering from a sense of victimhood. We are always walking on eggshells while dealing with others as the egos are so fragile right now. On one hand, the social media has provided us with an effective platform to share our opinions with the millions while on the other we are more vigilant of our freedom than ever.

Humor has lost it meaning

It’s astounding how everyone seems so ready to lash out. Every word uttered or read is viewed under the lens of suspicion and mistrust. The world has completely lost its sense of humor. We now laugh less at the jokes or everyday comedies.  The dark clouds of mistrust and doubt have engulfed our humor and wit. We are too scared to laugh on ourselves as in our little brains we are victims of all the wrongs. We are afraid of passing any judgment at the government least we get into some trouble. So, what is the whole meaning of freedom of speech if we always have to weigh our words so carefully? What kind of world are we dwelling in where any innocent word spoken can land us in a legal trouble. Who is stealing our humor? Is it the culture that is responsible for our grim and austere approach towards life.

Culture of Victimhood

In the good olden era, people refrained from talking about their weaknesses. In fact, any sign of weakness was considered undignified. To be vigorous and strong was thought as honorable and dignified. Any sign or the slight hint of illness was an act of cowardice. But times have changed we no longer believe in hiding our weaknesses or brushing our troubles under the carpets rather we like to discuss them and some like to discuss them at length. Although it’s perfectly normal to discuss issues and troubles with others but when we become perpetual victims of all the wrongs inflicted on humanity, it becomes problematic. It gives birth to a culture where everyone is a sufferer or a potential target. We are at both ends of a cultural spectrum where either we kept quiet about our issues or where we discussed only the wrongs.

People in the culture of victimhood are oversensitive and very alert when it comes to an offense. Even an unintentional comment or word can lead to a serious conflict. Victimhood in the twenty-first century has become a sort of morality. The sheer vulnerability and the need of sympathy have robbed the culture of its humor and endurance. People seem to be gloating in their shortcomings rather than improving. On top of that, the media seems to be emphasizing this sense of victimhood. Media picks up every slight and turns it into a national issue. Somone has very rightly put that it’s the sense of victimhood and perceived offense which drives individuals on the path of evil.

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