Finding Purpose in Small Things

Since centuries great sages and individuals have tried to discover the purpose of human life. We human beings indulge ourselves in different vacations in life to seek meaning. Some of us see our purpose in the family and its responsibilities, some in their professions while some wander in the forests to seek answers. Purpose drives us on the path of determination and grit. Whether its to help those in need or to make money, there is no one out there who doesn’t have a purpose. Different people have a different take on the true purpose of life. But does it mean we will have to wander directionless in dark woods or cross seven seas to find our true calling in life, or we can find purpose here in our daily mundane chores? In my opinion, there is so much that we can do in our day to day lives which can greatly make a difference.

Seeking Contentment In Small Things

Life is an odd mixture of responsibilities and expectations. We earn degrees in universities to ensure a better career, get married and have children. Some will question this is what we came into this world for? Is getting a decent job or an attractive partner enough to lead a satisfying life? Some might argue that there is more to our heavenly lives while others like me believe that one can find meaning in smaller acts in life. There is nothing extraordinary in landing a job, but if the same ordinary job is done with full dedication and sincerity, it can become our calling.  Lending a helping hand to our co-workers when they need or an ear when someone in despair can be our small contribution in someone’s lives. One can draw contentment in small acts of generosity and find the purpose of life. There is no mythical or existential calling for most of us, no lofty ideals to catch but that doesn’t mean that we are leading a purposeless life. Everything that we do with good intention has a purpose in it whether we realize or not. One doesn’t have to go to the depths of Earth or travel to the far-flung parts to discover the meaning of life, even those who did, came back appreciating what they left.

Heart’s Longing

We all have a faint voice within us which propels us on an internal journey. I call this voice a heart’s longing a persistent idea or a thought which always stay with us no matter what. When I was in college, the thought of traveling around the world never left me. In hindsight, I feel that was my purpose than to experience the thrill of traveling. So it was that faint voice which took me to several destinations, from the Middle East to Europe to America. Eighteen years later my purpose in life revolves around my young daughter. The sole meaning of my life is to cater to the needs and whims of my child. But that faint voice is still there somewhere tempting me to embark on a journey but this time inwards.

Everyone out there is seeking a purpose knowingly or unknowingly. Some of us seek through families, in successful careers, fine gourmet foods, arts or academia. There are thousands of small ordinary activities in our lives that comprise our unending quest for purpose.

“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.”

Richard Leider

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  1. So true. It’s the small things that make up the major things. It’s also never too late to revisit the desires we kept in our hearts and minds that haven’t come to fruition yet.

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