Better To Be Peaceful Than Right

Life can throw many challenges at us. There are times when we combat those challenges headlong, and sometimes we simply let them pass. It will forever be a human dilemma whether to react or stay quiet. Since childhood, we have been told to speak up but I feel sometimes maintaining peace is more courageous. Some people always want to prove their point. They always want to be right no matter what.  Are you the kind of person who always wants to have the last word in any discussion? Is it always my way or the high way?

Limited Approach Towards Life

When we are hell-bent on proving our selves right we negate the argument of the other person. It’s a limited approach towards life when we block our brains from accepting anything different. On the contrary, people who are flexible and open to other’s opinion are more likely to lead a wholesome life. Tolerance and acceptance are the keys to leading an open and happier life. It’s not always possible to agree with others, but that doesn’t mean that the other person is wrong or we are always right. Rights and wrongs depend on the perspective of a person. Everyone is entitled to their own set of morals and ethics, what might be wrong for one person can be right for the other. So where do the dots meet? Sometimes it is worth taking the risk of being of wrong and seeing things from a different point of view.

Peace Vs. Right

If someone asks what you value most in your life? Is it always being right or being in a state of peaceful bliss? I bet your answer would be in a state of peace. In a quest to be always right and to have the last word we end up bargaining are inner peace. A fragile ego will always attack others due to the fear of being wrong. But a brave person is not scared of accepting defeating or being wrong. We need to remember that being right is not the sole purpose of our lives. The true goal of our lives is to dwell in peace and serenity. We need to let go of the desire to be always right and rather work on our fragile egos.

Let’s Not Take Personal

Let’s not take our perspectives and words personally. Let’s not assume our words to be from the mouths Gods. We cant be always right, and there is no need either. Self-righteous people always take things personally. When we are no longer fixated on proving our point we have liberated ourselves from unnecessary stress. The pressure that looms overhead to be seen as right dissipates, instead we enjoy the course of the discussion. We become more peaceful and less judgemental of ourselves. When we abandon the desire to be right, we become better listeners. What ensues further is the dialogue at the deepest level.

Next time if you find yourself in discussion just remember your endeavor is to enjoy it and view life from new perspectives. Simply let go of the need to be seen as right and humbly accept the other person. Take the risk of being wrong and forever dwell in the state of eternal peace.

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