Importance of Looking Good in Hard Times

Ever wondered how Jacqueline Kennedy managed to look so chick and classic midst all tragic circumstances befallen upon her. My mother always seems so prim and proper despite tough times. One of the most important lessons my mom has taught me is to look presentable in all situations. Growing up I didn’t understand the value of her advice until I found myself gasping for breath in the wild world. Looking good not only enhances your self-esteem which further helps you to deal with unpleasant situations. Beauty goes skin deep, as regular exercise and nutrition are pivotal in yielding good results.

Is Beauty Superficial

Beauty is not evil nor its wrong. Taking care of your looks and body requires intelligence and awareness. Your body is like a temple how well you take care of it depends upon you. I agree that obsessing over beauty due to narcissism and societal pressure is wrong but abandoning it altogether is equally sacrilegious in my eyes. Fit body and clear skin are signs of good health. We cannot deny the importance of aesthetics in our lives. We spend many hours decorating our houses with different artifacts and figurines so that it looks beautiful. We can not deny the significance of aesthetics in our lives.

Appearance Matters

Let’s be honest, we all cant look like Gigi Hadid or Cindy Crawford. But we can’t deny the fact that in today’s competitive world looks matter. No, I am not asking you to look like a supermodel to be accepted and approved. But merely stating that our appearance plays a significant role in how others perceive us. If you go for an interview disheveled and shabby, chances of your selection are almost negligible on the other hand if you are well dressed and fit you might catch the eyes We are naturally drawn to things which are pleasing to our eyes, whether a beautiful child or vibrant flower. When you are neat and tidy, it indirectly tells the other person that you respect yourself.  On the other hand, if you are dressed in loose trousers, jodhpurs or plunging necklines you might end up signaling your casual approach towards life.

Hard Times

We all have our shares of up and down. None of us can escape the harsh realities of lives, whether a bad breakup or losing on a deserving promotion. But life never stops nor should our zeal to look good. In fact, looking good can make you feel positive despite all the miseries in your life. Hard times are inevitable but an optimistic attitude coupled with a healthy lifestyle can help us to deal with them. Looking good is not about wearing Gucci or Armani, or spending dollars on branded cosmetics but its all about keeping oneself neat and fit. Turbulent times can drive a person towards binge eating or sulk, but we must ensure that no matter what we will not give up on ourselves.

Keats rightly said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Aesthetics and beauty play an important role in our lives.  Beauty in every form whether in mother nature or fellow humans tends to make us feel good. A tint of crimson color on your check or a fruity fragrance can make you feel elated even in the most difficult circumstances.



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